women’s health


Working from a woman-centred perspective and understanding the connection between the mind and body, I have specialized training on the mental health impact of the following:

reproductive health

An important part of women's health is our reproductive health which impacts us physically, mentally and socially.  Our ability to have open, informative and honest conversations about our sexual health is essential for our overall wellbeing.  Working together, we can discuss difficult events that have taken place, unhealthy relationship concerns, and various forms of abuse that have ultimately impacted your mental health. 


Being in a state of unknown can be extremely difficult, especially when the unknown revolves around expanding your family the way you had once envisioned.  Working together, you will have the opportunity to work through feelings of grief and loss, processing your experiences  and creating healthy coping strategies that will support you through your fertility journey. 


The postpartum period following the birth of your child is filled with many physical and emotional changes.   In therapy, we will work towards alleviating the emotions that are wearing you thin, work towards creating new coping strategies, and support you in finding your internal strength to thrive as a parent