individual therapy

Embracing therapy is key to finding clarity, purpose and meaning in your life. In our work together, you will discuss sensitive and meaningful topics in a safe space that is accepting, compassionate and caring.

Through this process, you may:

  • Discover new insights and perspectives
  • Find your inner strength and resilience
  • Learn tools and skills to enhance the quality of your life
  • Enhance your emotional wellness and your relationships
  • Create new strategies to move you forward in life

I truly believe in the positive impact that individual therapy can have on your overall quality of life and I offer a warm, understanding and caring space for you to trust your journey and begin to heal from life's setbacks.  


I order to enhance and promote women’s mental and reproductive health, I offer professional presentations and workshops to educational settings, health care teams and organizations. 

  • Working through anxiety 
  • Overcoming depression 
  • The impact of trauma 
  • The importance of self-care
  • Women's reproductive health 


I offer consulting services to educational settings, private healthcare clinics and organizations wishing to enhance their understanding of mental health.  In particular, I offer a unique perspective that focuses on enhancing women's mental and reproductive health knowledge.